Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Types of Patio Covers Are Available?

1. 3", 4", 6" Insulated Patio Covers - that are insulated with polyurethane and have aluminum laminated skins on each panel. They come to your in 4' and 2" widths, easy to handle, panels that interlock to form a sound structure.

2. 1 1/2" and 2" Aluminum Lattice Patio Covers - These beautiful  wood looking covers can provide both looks and cover to any home or business. They can be designed with whatever spacing  you may request between each lattice piece to fit your individual needs for shading.

3. 6" and 8" Aluminum Flat Pan Patio Covers - Are roll formed un-insulated panels designed for a good ascetic look and is very strong and affords structural support and shade. (These covers can also be enclosed and you can install a suspended ceiling under them for insulation). They are available in wood textured colors or flat colors-whatever you prefer.

4. 12", 18", 24" Aluminum "V" and "W" Pan Patio Covers - These are the most economical aluminum patio covers available today. Don't under-estimate them because of the price difference. They are very substantial in strength and can be utilized to cover just about any area. They are used commercially because they are economical and allow for a fairly easy installation process. These covers are available in two color choices only, white or neutral.

There are many options available to you. Before any order is made you will be in direct contact with a qualified representative that will review your desired order and discuss your design options as each order is custom made to suit your particular needs.

Q: What Are The Differences A Garden Room or Patio Room?

A:  A garden room is designed with a solid insulated wall system, and the the bottom of the wall may consist of either a solid insulated panel section or glass. This can also be applied to the top transom area.

C. A patio room has a solid  and insulated roof and the bottom and top sections of the walls are insulated and windows are installed in-between.

Again, there are many options available to you. Before any order is made you will be in direct contact with a qualified representative that will review your desired order and discuss your design options as each order is custom made to suit your particular needs.

Q. What Are Gabled Ends, Transoms and Knee Walls?

1. Gables ends are usually the areas above the windows on the side walls.

2. Transoms are usually the areas above the windows on the front wall.

3. Knee walls are the areas below and above the windows, and are solid.

Q. What Are The Different Types Of Roofs Available For The Rooms?

1. Un-insulated aluminum flat pan patio covers.

2. The 3" solid insulated roofs are for the straight and gabled garden rooms or straight and gabled patio rooms.

Q. What Are The Different Types Of Wall Sections Available?

A. The walls come with a 2" standard wall, 3" wall and 3" and 4". Thermally broken walls are also available.

The 2" standard walls are included in your price quote.

The 3" and 4" wall options are available, but are price in addition to the standard pricing provided.

Q. Where Do I Find A Licensed Contractor To Pour Concrete If Needed?

1. The Yellow Pages are usually full of concrete contractors. Make sure that whoever you choose is properly licensed and bonded and ask for references of customers for whom they have performed similar services.

2. You can also find many experienced contractors to build your deck if you need it. Just make sure that they know exactly what is going to be installed on top of it. Building codes dictate certain specifications, depending on your region.

Q. What Types Of Doors Are Available?

A. 6" sliding doors, and 36" conventional doors with glass and/or solid sections and French doors, if you so choose. Each room comes with a 36" standard door.

Q. Do You Provide Installation Instructions?

A. Yes, every kit includes  basic instructions on just about every part of your installation. Your kit will include all hardware, flashing sealants and a list of tools required. Make sure you read all of the instructions and lay out your kit as per those instructions before you commence installations. Parts are upgraded or substituted from time to time and a part shown in the instructions may not always look exactly like the one in the manual, but it should be easy to recognize from the part description and use.


Q. How Do I Know I Am Purchasing The Products I Want From You At The Lowest Possible Price?

A. Before you actually purchase the products you choose from us, we request that you have at least one patio contractor come to your home and survey the intended installation area. This will insure that we know exactly what products you require and the details, such as exact measurements, heights, obstructions and other important information.

If the contractor quoted you a price we do not want to know what that price is. We only need the information to give you an accurate price quote.

We quote one price, and one price only. "There is no sales pitch." We give you the facts -- you make the decision.

By doing this you will be assured that our prices are the absolute lowest anywhere and the quality is the same or better than anywhere you could purchase it, except of course if you could buy factory direct as we do with our huge discounts.



Q. How Can We Sell You The Same Products, With The Same Quality (Or Better Quality), For Much, Much LESS Than Prices Quoted To You By Any Contractor Or Other Retail Source, And Also Have It Delivered To Your Home Or Business And Still Earn A Reasonable Profit?

A. The answer is simple:

1. LARGE VOLUME OF SALES. Because we only sell complete kits and do not offer installation services.

2. VERY LITTLE OVERHEAD. We do not have a fleet of trucks, hundreds of electric and pneumatic tools, large offices, 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, salaried managers, executives, sales personal, high advertising costs, telemarketers, construction supervisors, high insurance premiums, and other direct and indirect costs that contractors of all sizes must have in order to do business.

3. WE BUY FACTORY DIRECT. Because of the huge amount of sales volume we create for the manufacturers, we can negotiate the lowest factory-direct pricing available to any entity, except the manufacturer -- and they are NOT in the business of selling direct to the home owner. They only deal in volume...and that is what we provide them with - volume-and lots of it!

4. THE FACTORY SHIPS DIRECTLY TO YOU: We do not inventory anything. The factory assembles your kit for delivery. We provide you with simple installation instructions,  a written factory guarantee, and basic engineering data. We arrange shipping and delivery direct to you, or you may chose to pick up the material at the nearest outlet to your location. The choice is yours.

Please only request a price quote if your are indeed ready to purchase. Do your shopping before you contact us. We do not want to know what your previous estimates were-we just need to know exactly what you require. Doing your shopping prior to calling us will allow you to compare apples to apples.
Although our prices are the lowest anywhere, we still have price increases just like everyone else because of the ever changing oil and metal markets (sometimes on a daily basis) that affects our discounts structure from manufacturers. Remember the old phrase: "I wish I had bought it then, but didn't."

Q. Do You Accept Credit Cards And Is Financing Available?

1. Yes, we accept all major credit cards

2. Yes, we can arrange financing to fit just about any budget.

Depending on the amount of the kit, you might consider applying to your bank or other lender for a equity line of credit due to the extremely low interest rates currently available. We suggest you apply very soon as these low rates will not last forever, as you well know. Interest rates for equity lines of credit have never been lower.


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